Friday, 24 May 2013

Average Joes 2013 - Match Day 1

Its been a while since the last post, so I'm going to keep this simple: I Won.  

And now onto the slightly more complicated version.

Average Joes  2 - 1  R Sovertit

The rats turned up for their opening group stage match against the comically named R Sovertit, an Amazon side coached by the indomitable Pete Derrick.  Defeat would have been a bad start to the campaign, victory could have meant a long walk home (the opposition was providing the team bus for the evening).  Fortunately it was a quite close game so neither eventuality happened.  The rats scored first, with an unsurprising gutter runner break through after the Amazons put 'Joes in to bat first - scorer Cotton McKnight.  The first half finished at 1-0, although it could have been worse for the dodging women but the rats made a mess of it.  A fair bit of bang-the-rat was going on however, and 'Joes were only just able to field 11 players at the start of the second half.

That didn't last long, and 'Joes were soon into single figures in terms of players.  The Amazons took advantage and scored an equaliser, celebrating by bashing a gutter runner into the next century.  Weakened in terms of player numbers the rats were still dangerous, and with minutes to go took the lead for the second time, Pepper Brooks (the only gutter runner not unconscious) running in after a hand-off.  There wasn't enough time for an Amazon reply and Average Joes celebrated a victory in their first game of the campaign.

'Joes next opponents are an Orc side, coached by David A, and they will face them with only 11 players from the start; storm vermin Tank suffering from a niggling injury in the form of a fractured leg (!), while gutter runner The Rat also misses out due to a pinched nerve.  Vicious those Amazons.

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