Thursday, 21 February 2013

Work In Progress......

Work in progress time, and following the trip to York and a general spending spree of the cash I’ve gained from selling various old GW stuff I thought I’d list the stuff I’ve bought (along with how many models it counts as for the painting ratio) that needs making and painting, and update the painted/purchased list.  Some random-looking stuff in there, but it all has a point!

  • Wars of the Rose Infantry – 40
  • Royalist cavalry – 12
  • Wars of the roses cannon – 5
  • Royalists blisters (dragoons) – 3
  • Medieval Cottage – 1
  • 4ground cart – 3
  • Norman Church – 1
  • Roman command – 3
  • Royalist command group – 7
  • Pigs – 4
  • Sheep – 6
  • Characters – 2
  • Donkeys – 2
  • Gripping Beast - 33

Purchased: 174
Painted: 57

Now onto a pressing issue; I have realised that with such a variety of models around I have not one project ongoing, not even two, three, or four, but instead eight!  Truly Aidans observation that the historical wargamer is unable to stick to one period is correct!  The projects are as follows:
  • Scenery – An overhaul of buildings mainly, something which I had less of.  I have a church, a medieval cottage and the bases of the two older resin buildings to paint.
  • English Civil War – an ongoing project, which at least has a definite size.  I’ve moved off foote regiments and onto horse ones (4 horse regiments in the army and none painted, shocking.  There are also a variety of characters and sheep hanging around, including the bits for a small supply grouping.
  • American Civil War – I’ve plenty of 20mm Airfix plastics waiting for me to test-paint the two bases of troops I’ve done.
  • Wars of the Roses – More infantry to go with the cavalry still in its box, and the cannon in its blister, approximately 57 models needing to be made, and near 100 to be painted, and I’ve not purchased all the bits for the army.
  • Bolt Action – 28mm WW2, and my hopes for a Soviet army are receding with my lack of cash (spent it on Saga), so I’m back to thinking about painting Germans.  Thinking that is, not really doing.
  • Saga – The new kid on the block, 33 metal Welshmen ordered and now arrived, courtesy of Gripping Beast.
  • Napoleonic’s – A sudden urge to make and paint my Perry’s French infantry grips me.
  • Romans – Enough models for a sixth cohort of legionaries are available, but they are a long way down the list.

So there it is, the list, with a total of 6 periods in history, just the 2 scales, and a horde of unpainted models.  To make sure I actually finish any models at all its clear some prioritisation is required, I need to pick a project and stick at it until something is complete!  Until yesterday it seemed fairly clear; scenery topped the list because it was useful for all 28mm games, and unlike partly painted models I can’t abide partly painted scenery.  This was followed by ECW because the campaign was in progress.
Then my Welshmen for Saga arrived, and spurred on by another really good game against Luke and Chris, and by Lukes ability to paint his whole 7pt Anglo-Danish force in 2 weeks they have jumped to the top.  I’m hoping to make, paint and dip them in time for the next game, a tall order most definitely, especially when I’ve a meagre 1.5hrs a night available, and this is generally gate crashed by other events as well.  If I can get them made, sprayed and partly painted I might be happy….

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