Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Declaring for the King - Part 5

Its been a mere month since my last  English Civil War update, but a long time since I decided to move from 8 figure musket sleeves to 12 figure sleeves, and thus rendered every unit in the army unfinished apart from 2 artillery pieces and a commander.  However, in a blitz of painting and sudden dipping motions (well, painting the Dip stuff on) I have completed not one, not two, but three foote regiments!  Admittedly the Kings Lifeguard and Stradlings foot needed only 8 musketeers apiece, but Sir Ralph Hopton’s foote were a total of 40 models in musket and shot, and to cap it off I finished the army commander; Lord Derek Tiberius Flasheart!  Oh, and the three foote regiments even have bigger and better (historically accurate) flags!  I have now started painted one of the horse regiments.

There has also been action in terms of purchases and modelling; I picked up another box of Warlord cavalry and a blister of mounted officers at Vapnartek 2013 which will be used to provide the dragoons with a mounted version (currently they walk everywhere!).  There was even 2 horsemen spare to finish off a horse regiment, taking my horse wing to 4 regiments.  I’ve completed these two (but not painted) but the mounted dragoons are awaiting a couple of modelling additions before they are complete. 

The full army list now looks like:
Commander: Lord Derek Tiberius Flashearts

Foote - Sir Hugh of Beeston
Regiment of Foot (Stradlings; Blue jackets) - Standard - 16 pike, 24 muskets
Regiment of Foot - (The King’s Lifeguard; Red jackets/Red Flag) - 16 pike, 24 muskets
Saker Battery - 1 gun

Foote - Bishop of Bath & Wells
Regiment of Foot (Talbots; White jackets/White Flag) - Standard -16 pike, 24 muskets
Regiment of Foote – (Sir Ralph Hopton’s; Blue jackets/Red Flag) – 16 pike, 24 muskets
Mortar Battery - 1 gun

Horse - Brigadier Wolfe
Regiment of Horse (Sir Horatio Carys Horse) - 8 horsemen 
Regiment of Horse - 8 horsemen
Regiment of Horse (Sir Richard Astleys Horse) - 8 horsemen 
Regiment of Horse - 8 horsemen 
Regiment of Dragoons – 6 mounted (unmade), or 8 dismounted
Regiment of Dragoons – 6 mounted (unmade), or 8 dismounted

All the units are standard in size as agreed at the RGMB club for the Pike & Shotte rules, and this gives me a painted to unpainted (cannons count as 1, with 1 for each crew member, horse count as 1 model per rider and horse together) for ECW as:
Painted – 131
Unpainted - 102

The King's Lifeguard & Stradling's foote regiments, plus Sir Hugh.

The foote and ordinance.

The ordinance.

Sir Hugh of Beeston.

The whole bally lot.

Lord Flasheart.

The foote in their preferred Terico formation - pike in the centre, shotte around the edges.

Brigadier Wolfe and his horse brigade - 4 regiments of gallopers and 2 of dragoons (shown unmounted and praying for horses).

Sir Ralph Hopton's foote regiment.

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