Sunday, 3 February 2013

Vapnartek 2013

For only the second time I headed North-easterly to York racecourse for the Vapnartek wargames show, the first being a trip in 2010 with Red, Nathan and Ian to take part in the Flames of War tournament (or in Ian’s case the Warmachine one).  This time my travelling companions were once more Red, and Luke.  Red joined me at Wrexham, we headed to northernmost Widnes (a place most unlike any other part of Widnes it seems) to pick up Luke, and drove up to York in my car, making numerous wrong turns, and trading money for bounty bars and toilet stops.

Arriving at the racecourse in York we had to park in a place marked ‘dry standing’, although perhaps that was only when it hadn’t rained; there is still Yorkshire mud on the car tyres and I managed to miss Luke almost falling flat pushing the car out of its space later on (thanks lads for the shove!).  Admission was £4, and we instantly became aware that it was extremely busy, so much so that it was difficult to move without jostling someone, or see anything at a stand or game without being jostled yourself.  As such we didn’t stop to play any of the participant games, and I didn’t buy anything until after lunch when it had quietened down and you could see more clearly.  Red had no such scruples’, and spent lunchtime reading the SAGA rulebook and admiring Gripping Beast Vikings!  After lunch Luke and Red, having mostly made their purchases, trailed after me as I wandered back to the places and bits I had already spotted, and helped find things for me (thanks again lads – especially Red for his paint colour finding expertise!).  With the bag full we headed back to the car and a steady trip home.

This years purchases:

SAGA rulebook & measuring sticks – Aidan had planted the seed of buying into SAGA a while ago, and with Red buying the book early on I stepped down from my fence and also made the purchase.  Luke and Red both bought Gripping Beast plastic troops as well to use for it, but being unsure which box suited my purpose of being Welsh the most I left that for a later time and more research.

Wars of the Roses – All Perry’s miniatures; a boxed set of WOTR infantry and a cannon.

English Civil War – A box of cavalry, with an additional blister of 3 models to make up the numbers in my dragoon mounted units.  I also bought a wooden 4Ground cart to act as part of a supply when I get the rest of the donkeys and oxes (I initially panicked when I got home in the fear I hadn’t actually paid for this – no receipts being the order of the day for traders – but remembered later than I had got it from the Gripping Beast stand.

Romans – A blister pack of Legionary command to complete an additional cohort for my 28mm Romans.

Scenery – A road (finally!), a total of 7 foots worth, along with 5 pieces of wicker fencing.  I also bought the Perry’s medieval cottage (plastic with more fencing).  Finally the find of the day; a 28mm church in a Saxon/Norman style, made of wood but sadly without the bell tower.  Still with plenty of character tho, and good for Dark ages through to modern day!

Hobby – Finally another 6 Vallejo paints with painting my 20mm ACW troops in mind, and a superglue pot.

Things that missed the boat and final word – I didn’t manage to get a few things which began the day on the list, including a river and ponds, WOTR Men at Arms, 4Ground buildings for ECW (not enough variety there) and Russians for Bolt Action (the Plastic Soldier Company prices not nearing the online prices sadly).  Overall a fair outlay on a variety of items, including topups for my Royalists, WOTR and Romans, plus additional scenery and a new game. 

Overall impression of the show:
Very busy, almost too much to shop!
Few participation games.
Great range of traders.
Not enough space (especially compared to Tripples) for everything, which made it seem busy and difficult to move.
Needs a ‘picnic’ area for those of us who brought sandwiches!
Wood seems to be replacing resin as the material of choice for scenery.
Warlord games must be raking it in – their stuff was everywhere, far less FOW.
The hired tables (replacing the Bring and Buy) were very busy.
Would definitely go again, good day out.

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