Thursday, 2 August 2012

Work In Progress....

Blog, blog, blog. I've neglected you. Although that is perhaps because I haven't gamed, painted, modelled or generally done anything wargaming related in nearly 2 months thanks to my new job. Twice I nearly played Average Joes second bloodbowl game, but each time life got in the way and it was cancelled.

I did, however, very briefly pick up a brush last night and tar some Romans with paint though. This was because having finished them and deployed them on a battlefield I realised they are very dark and didn't stand out as much as I'd hoped. I thought that a better colour for the shields and some brighter silver on the armour might solve this problem so had a shot at it. In the bright light of day it doesn't look too bad, I may try some more later.

An Edit:
As well as the Romans I've picked a few of my 28mm germans out to have a go at painting something different.

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