Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lord of The Rings: Battle Report Mordor Vs. Gondor

Actually not a report, more a bunch of words thrown together in a very short period with no accounting for accuracy or attempt to entertain.  It was my first game in a number of weeks – my new job is seriously screwing up all free time and spare energy – and I wanted something small-scale and relaxing to play so I approached Michael for a LOTR game.

We played 750pts, and a scenario from one of the newer books (not sure which, I was fairly spaced out).  Michael took the forces of Gondor; a bunch of soldiers and rangers lead by Boromir (banner and all), and a group of around 8 mounted knights of gondor lead by Faramir.  For my part I had a bulk of orcs lead by Shagrat and Gothmog and with a troll chieftain. I also had a load (12) of warg riders.

The forces turned up piece-meal and randomly, although I was fortunate enough for my infantry to arrive mostly together, and next to the Gondor cavalry which made me error of trying to take them on.  It took longer than it should have done but the orcs dragged down the last and then formed up to advance on the main body of Gondor infantry in the centre.  My single-minded determination to achieve cavalry superiority paid off as the remaining 6-7 warg riders crashed into the Gondor right flank as my orcs and troll impacted along the line.  They proved the difference, giving me the advantage of numbers while the Troll fought a few rounds of ineffective combat against Boromir.  Gothmog and Shagrat got involved in the middle, and the damage caused was enough to break the good guys.  Victory to the forces of Mordor by a substantial victory points margin.

The orcs and troll impact on the main Gondor line.
Post battle analysis:  I managed to win more than my fair share of priorities, and even when they went against me I countered with a heroic move and won through still.  Michaels cavalry were stuck between a rock and a hard place by the setup, and I was then able to fight on my own terms with the numbers, troll and wargs swinging it my way.

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