Friday, 3 August 2012

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project - Part 15

So much for the finished product; having deployed the lot on the table for their first bash against Red’s ghostly Greeks (a while ago now) I was disappointed by how much they blended in with the tabletop!  It didn’t help that Reds troops were very bright, but it still sent me away thinking something needed to be done, and ages after I’ve started on that.

My troops didn’t follow my imagery of a wall of shields advancing unstoppably upon the enemy because they were simply too dark  (although they still seemed to bring fear to the Greeks).  So I thought of two possible solutions; repaint the shields a brighter colour, and give the armour a lighter tint.  I started with the shields and rejected blue to stick with a slightly muddied light red, I think its come off quite well.  The attempt at highlighting the armour was less successful, however the shield effect may be enough. 

I’ve finished 2 cohorts in this colour scheme, and the picture shows them compared with 2 original cohorts (not a good picture sadly).  I’m going to try and get the other 3 cohorts done soon, the rest of the army should be fine as it is.

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