Monday, 12 March 2012

Work in Progress.....

Work in progress time, following on from having finished some Romans and other developments.

So, Roman time, and as will be mentioned soon ive finished the latest batch of 32 romans, primarily of the auxiliary variety, but leaving me with only 33 to do to finish the army, perhaps an upcoming game will give me the energy for that, or perhaps not.

The carry case has arrived, and I spent many hours making Romans, Royalists and FOW Germans fit into it. The Romans were easy, the FOW took a lot more thought, and the Royalist infantry with their pikes needed a knife taking to the foam to ensure they all fitted in, hopefully I'll take a few pictures at some point of it. I haven't had chance to use it yet, tomorrow evening hopefully will give me the opportunity.

Elsewhere my one pot in the fire turned into a damp squid (some nasty elven magic in there somewhere) and no job beckons as yet. Plenty of time spent catching up on the work for a H&S training course this week, then hopefully some proper hunting. Time and money available for a trip to the RGMB however this week.

Purchased - 106
Painted – 213

Good percentage going on still.

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