Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Romans – A Hail Caesar Project – Part 12

A Roman painting update post! In the overall scheme of things a mere month and a third doesn't seem too long to wait, but its been that long since any interesting Roman-related news appeared. With the matt varnish being applied to the latest batch of finished models that interesting news has arrived.

I decided to paint the remaining 16 slingers, half of my auxiliary cavalry (6 models on a total of 3 50mm by 50mm bases), my second tribune character model and a scorpion. After starting I decided to add the other two scorpions in, and gradually worked my way through all 32 models (the war-machines counting as 3 apiece – 2 crew and a catapult). I actually finished painting a couple of weeks ago, but various bits of life got in the way and I only 'dipped' and flocked and sprayed in the: last couple of days.

I now have two units left to paint; the 1st Cohort (a total of 24 legionaries to represent its extra size), and a squadron of auxiliary cavalry (6 more horsemen), plus my overall CO, plus his dog and handy helper. The army even got into a punchup last week against a bunch of greeks (see part 11!), which enthused me enough to start on the 1st Cohort.

Painted: 137
Un-finished: 33

Finally, and in a rare twist, here is a picture of the latest troops to be finished. 


  1. One of the horses at the back seems to be a funny colour....Im counting 5 brown horses heads, but only 4 brown horses bodies....

    1. That would be because 4 horses have brown bodies, one has black and one a muddy white, but with a brown head. They are based on the actual horses at Erddig Hall