Friday, 1 May 2015

The perils of accepting something for free

The perils of accepting something for free.  On Thursday I was 'gifted' a club regulars British army for Flames Of War.  It was enough stuff for me to take a step back and say "wow, are you sure, because there is alot of it and its worth a few pennies?"  He justified himself on the basis that it hadn't been out since 2013 or earlier, he had another Canadian army so had no interest in playing with it again, and wanted it to go to someone who would get good use out of it.

Time for the catch.  Or two catches rather.  Firstly the "there is one thing you COULD do for me in return...".  It would seem it was in fact a cunning ploy to get me into moral debt, and he needs a few models painting.  More like 30ish FOW bases/vehicles which he wants me to do for him.  It should be pointed out in his defence that his career choice involves machines which have left him without the fine motor skills to paint well, so he asks others to do the job for him, and this is the first time he's asked me.  Second catch - open the box and explore some of the weird, wonderful and bizzaree methods of painting, basing and building I have been given.  So wonderful were some of the creations that I was initially (and in some cases still am) stumped as to what they were, and had to take a few pictures to see if anyone could shed light, answers at the bottom please!

Remember these are apparently late war British infantry.  Cue the Benny Hill music and roll the film....

Are these British infantry, or Paras?

25pdrs, not Battlefront, and probably early war?

4 Sextons apparently.  Spot the interesting crew error.


  1. 1 Early Dingos with AA Bren
    2 Is that an early war Hotchkiss AT gun with late war crew
    3 Presumably a staff team and command for field arty
    4&5 Late Brit infantry ?in turtleshell helmets - not paras
    6&7 Are they rudimentary 25pdrs or even 1825pdrs - weird that they are on turntables, which were a mid/late war development IIRC for the 25pdr. The limbers are pretty distinctive of the 18/25pdr I think.
    8&9 Obviously some damned colonials what have decided to rejoin the true ruler of the 13 colonies.
    10&11 M3/M5s and White Scout Cars.

    My guesses. Is there a prize?

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Looking at the Sextons again, some/most are Priests, presumably the one with the US crew used to be a US Priest. British Priests are OK for Normandy as they were used by the assault divisions like the 3rd Infantry Div, but soon after Normandy they were withdrawn to standardise on ammunition logistics.

  3. lookslike 1 sexton, and 3 priests. the AT gun looks like a 6pdr

    and the arty look like 25/18pdrs

  4. Looks right Aiden, 1 Sexton only. The 6pdr looks odd though - just realised, the barrel is upside down. The staff team and command have chest respirators, so are for the BEF in 1940! Fits with the 18/25pdrs.

    Cheers, Andy

  5. No prize - the AT gun is indeed a 6pdr with an upside down barrel, two of the four were like that. The Priests had me confused because they are missing their 'pulpits'. I think this collection may be going back to its owner because virtually all of it is useless too me, and I'm not going to paint a ton of models for it when I have so little modelling time anyway!