Friday, 11 November 2011

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project

Otherwise known as “I painted a Roman and I liked it..…”

Well, stretching the use of the word 'like' perhaps, but, after numerous years of sitting either part made and sprayed black or totally unmade I've started to create a 28mm Roman army in expectation of Hail Caesar turning up at Christmas (as long as father Christmas gets it right this year, his previous failures number socks when leman Russ's were expected, and a book on popular music when a konigstiger would have been more apt).

I’m blaming the bio-titan for this current fad, as well as an anonymous donor (you know who you are - thank you!) for getting me watching a Decisive Battles DVD.  The production is very American, the ‘face’ of the programme is uninspiring, and the number of spaces where advert breaks normally are is depressing, however, the amount of Romans in it is impressive.  The bio-titan was interested in the horses, chariots, and many men running in a funny way.  I felt the sudden need to throw down a legion and auxilleries and create that ‘fantasy’ historical campaign suggested so long ago where my Romans, Aidans Romano-Brits (yet to fight anything) and Red’s Greeks could slug it out.  Nowadays Hail Caesar rules are prominent after the success of Blackpowder, and that gives my project its title.

At the moment I have no massive, all-encompassing plan, no final, middle or real starter army list, not even a background, just a need to make and paint Romans and play games with them.  The rest will come in time.

The models - I’m currently the owner of 60 legionaries (warlord miniatures in segmented armour), along with 24 auxiliaries (warlord again) and a couple of chaps on horses, mostly thanks to more kind donations (starting to sound like a charity case here) from people who bought roman and didn't like it.  30 of the legionaries were based individually, a definite no-no, while 30 were on the sprues, and the auxilleries were based haphazardly.  All need basing up on 2by2 bases to enable swift movement around the battlefield, a process I’m part the way through, 28 of the 30 individually based legionaries are now done, along with most of the auxiliaries, while the other legionaries are made and awaiting basing.  I’ll probably take pictures of them throughout the making/basing/paint process at some point.

Brief note to painting, just to say I’m going to try en-masse using The Dip for a few reasons; firstly I’ve seen the effects and I’m inpressed, secondly it’s a fast way of painting so I can get more on the table quicker, thirdly I NEVER finish an army, and rarely even a unit.  This, combined with some new painting techniques stolen from others more talented, will hopefully speed up the process and get it all going.

On expansion - finances have never been tighter, and theres no spare gold coins for any extra men.  However I’ve a few models I could sell, and a couple of ‘special dates’ coming up so possibility for expansion is there.

Off to glue some Legionaries to their bases.  Update and maybe pictures soon-ish.

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