Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project - Part 2

Decided to number the updates to keep them in sequence, henceforth this one will be known as Part 2.  Exciting isn’t it.

Anyway two things to add, both picture related.  The first is a nice shot of my current collection of Romans.

They number 56 legionaries on 14 2by2 bases, and 20 auxiliaries on 2by2 bases, plus my one ’dipped’ test dummy at the bottom.  Currently the aim is for units in a standard size of 16 men in an 8 by 2 formation, so this gives me three units of Legionaries, plus one of auxiliaries plus some extra, not all have command figures however.  The next purchases when I get some money (along with my purchases of several flying pigs) is to buy four command groups; two Legionary which will give me four complete units, and two auxiliary which will give me one standard sized unit, and one small.  

Following that some investigation into cavalry and possibly slingers or archers will be in order, as well as perhaps some more legionaries.  The unit size for a standard unit of cavalry is 8, and initial examination showed up that Wargames Factory do units of 12 auxiliary cavalry for around £18, so two of those would give me three units of cavalry, although one wouldn’t have any command for a bit.  I was also thinking of Wargames Factory Legionaries, but although wonderfully cheap at 48 for £20ish, they wouldn’t fit well with my segmented armoured Warlord ones, and I need more auxiliaries than legionaries at the moment.

Next up and onto the ‘dipped’ process.  I’m hoping to use the Army Painter Dipping process for this army to help me actually get some things painted, and here is one before shot, and two after shots, of the dip being used relatively successfully on my test dummy legionary.  Thanks to the input from members of the club (the mighty RGMB) after my first awful efforts, I’m happy with the second result, and I don’t think it will make any difference when stood back from the table so I‘m ready to unleash it against a much larger bunch of models.




Next time might be actual painting, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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