Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Romans - A Hail Caesar Project - Part 3

An update of sorts, although I haven’t done any painting in the last few days, dedicating my time to looking after Ben (who isn’t well) and desperately casting around in vain to try and improve my finances (which look even worse), I did spend some since the last update on the short Italians.  Indeed several even made a camo appearance in the last English Civil War battle; The Battle of North Muskham, looking very pigmy-like standing next to a Renegade Miniatures Saker.

Onto actual progress and all the models I have are now based, undercoated black and then painted a nice colour of Vallejo Chocolate Brown.  I have now moved onto more detailed painting, and I’m working towards having two Legionary cohorts ready for ‘Dipping’ and spraying soon.  To tide me over I’ve taken a couple of pictures (below), which the eagle-eyed among the 2 rabid dogs and a mongoose who read this post (you know who you are) will note includes a couple of pet projects; some civil war pikemen undergoing a trial of rapid painting, and a familiar red-coated figure hoping to get some action in closer to December.

A quick mention towards The Plan, because there is a general building plan going on.  The overall aim is to create the following army:
5 Cohorts of Legionaries
2 Cohorts of Auxiliaries
2 Squadrons of Auxiliary cavalry
1 Scorpion
Approximately 4 command figures

This is based on my cohorts of infantry (where did that ‘I’ word come from?) being 16 strong (8 men wide by 2 deep), and the cavalry being 8 strong in a 4by2 formation.  Overall I’ve priced this as costing around £80, so I’m hoping the few bits currently on Ebay will come good at the last moment tomorrow night, and that Christmas, and the following birthday, will be kind to my empire building.  Finally, and somewhat sadly, my finances have reached another low mark, this one being particularly desperate, so unless I can land a decent job soon my Romans can look nice and be completed but will never get a game in due to travel costs!

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