Saturday, 15 August 2009

On the Painting Table

Currently on the painting table is a variety of different models for different game systems in different sizes - this includes a 28mm heroic-sized WW2 German from renegade miniatures who I’m hoping will be the start for a multiplayer game of the ‘Dirty Dozen’, or ‘Dads Army’. There is also the Flames Of War 88mm guns I keep meaning to make, some 15mm Vikings (which need a paintjob only slightly less than they need completely rebased), and several Romans of the XIV Legion. Hopefully I will actually get some of them painted…..

In the garage meanwhile work has finally started on the new club hills and trees (4 hills, 75 trees) after the remaining hills were delivered, as well as most of the 40mm bases.

Other ideas in the pipeline include the resurrection of the building of Average Joes home stadium for Bloodbowl, but with the twist that it can also be used for gladiatorial games so needs to resemble a Roman coliseum, lots of work to be done on the creative ideas there!

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