Saturday, 1 August 2009

Average Joes - An Introduction

A quick introduction to my Bloodbowl team - Average Joes! As you can see from the picture below they are mostly rats, with the only human component (the coach: Lord Flash) missing from the photo.

Formed in 2006 they have been highly successful apart from the actual winning of trophies.

RGMB Blood bowl Tournament - Two quarterfinalists and one cup final appearence in three attempts. Having gone the whole of the first tournament (2006) undefeated, they were prevented from actually appearing in the quarterfinal by the infamous snotling drug fiasco. The 2007 season was a similar story with progression to the cup final rarely in doubt, but with several heavy defeats on the way to meeting archrivals ‘Khaines Killers’. Sadly that contest ended in a solid defeat after their rat ogre messed up big time. The 2008 season saw another appearence in a quarterfinal, only to again suffer defeat at the hands of the 'Killers'. The 2009 seasons has yet to materialise…….

RGMB Spike Cup Tournament - Having missed out on the 2006 season they appeared in the 2007 one-day tournament, and came third, just missing out on a cup final appearance to the ‘Talabheim Tornados’ who went on to win competition.

RGMB Dungeon Bowl - Finalists in 2007. One of only four teams to compete, they reached the finals at the expense of the Orc ‘Skull Smashers’, only to be defeated by the ‘Orcy Splat Bashers’ ( lead by Coach Chris ’The Cage’ Fazey) 1-0.

The Team & their Tactics:
Being a Skaven team means lots of running, throwing and passing with the ball, and less hitting things that can hit back harder. Pride of place goes to my three gutter runners; Pepper Brooks, Cotton McKnight & The Rat, who score more touchdowns between them a season than most teams manage in their entire existence. The two storm vermin add some bite, while ’Murdoch’, the thrower, provides ammunition for the breakaway plays. The linerats fill the glorious role of cannon fodder, while the rat ogre (pictured here just before the 2007 quarter final and it unfortunately demise to ’friendly fire’) adds an element of aggression that doesn’t fit in with the teams style of play but can break open some of the stronger sides.

Main Rivals:
Khaines Killers & the Talabheim Tornado’s.

Preferred Opponents:
Human teams and other Skaven sides for the fluidity of the game, and snotling and goblin teams for a chance to play someone smaller!

Feared Opponents:
Any team that relies upon strength and fighting to win games; mainly the numerous Orc teams, and lesser-spotted Chaos Dwarfs, but also Chaos Warriors.

Our mortal enemies; Khaines Killers before the 2007 cup final.

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