Sunday, 9 July 2017

Imperial Guard Revamp

With the advent of 8th edition 40k, and the suggestion that this may be a good time to give it another go, I got a few of my (many) imperial guard troops out of storage and began wondering about revamping their image. Most are over the 10 year mark in terms of age of paint job, and I thought I might be able to improve on my previous efforts.

However having liberated them from the dark confines of the box I found I was actually quite happy with the original paint job (a rarity indeed!), and decided to merely experiment a little. A couple of before and after shots are to be found here.  In the case of the bottom (after) picture I have experimented with a bit of repainting and then used the army painter strong tone dip on the three at the front to the left. The rest I've merely flocked the bases of.  I'm not certain the extra paint and the dip were worth doing, the figures don't look that much better (if at all).  The only bit which I definately like about it was the decision to change the edges of the bases from a dark green to a brown. Overall jury's out.

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