Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Work In Progress.....April 2015

And just as all looked lost, like darkness had fallen and all the lights in the world had been extinguished….Out Came The Sun.  And the varnish can rattled and the models sparkled in the sunlight and the purchased vs painted total took a great leap towards the black.

The weather turned wonderfully warm, sunny and extremely varnish friendly in April, at the same time as I had an enforced break from work due to post-surgery recovery time.  I was able to put that finishing coat upon the 15mm British infantry and armour I have been working on this year in the attempt to put together a Flames of War (FOW) late war British army.  I also needed some obstacles for a big FOW game and revisited the 3 barbed wire barricades and minefield I originally build back in 2009 but never finished.  A bit more work finally went into the farm building I use for 15mm games; mostly in terms of adding some more flock to it so it blends into the battlefield mat better, but also some drybrushing.  I did buy a box of British 15mm heavy weapons (PSC’s finest) which added an extra 12 bases/figures to my purchased list.

Puchased Vs Painted – 33 British models, 1 random Focke Wulf (1/100 scale) and 4 obstacles painted along with a farm refreshed:
Purchased: 69
Refreshed: 10
Painted: 59

My Flames of War Berlin campaign ended with a decent sized bang this month, with the Russians (or rather the Romanians) claiming the spoils.  I’m thinking of moving on to do Market Garden in June.  Apart from that childrens birthdays and recovery following surgery limited gaming, with my new British also getting a brief outing one afternoon.

Coming up this month:
If I don’t get distracted by returning to the work force, child interaction or general tiredness and lethargy I have more 15mm British to work on.  My Shermans desperately need some air cover and artillery to lay smoke screens so a 1/144 typhoon is getting there, while a platoon of heavy mortars are also hanging around the painting table.  Finally my third, and last, universal carrier patrol might get some paint on it as something different to painting the mortar crews.  In terms of games it promises to be a month of variety with games of Dreadball, Necromunda and Saga already planned.

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