Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Work In Progress......December 2014

Last month of the calendar year and in a performance oddly similar to December 2013 I have done virtually sod all modelling, painting, and precious little gaming.  So little happened that I even failed to write a work in progress for it.  Having painted so many 15mm Germans I had reached a point where I wanted to do something different, but nothing appealed. 

The only period which jumped up and down a little was the English Civil War, but I’m lacking in troops to paint.  I did meddle with my Saker and its crew however, taking them from their big base (which had gradually annoyed me with its size, lack of flexibility and failure to match the flock on its limber) and rebasing the crew on 25mm round bases.  The gun I’m going to leave loose, possibly doing a couple of handy scenic bases for being limbered and being behind gabions or similar.  On the subject of the limber I cut down the base so it wasn’t as wide (it was only very wide because the Saker base was so wide originally).  I didn’t get as far as painting the bases.

Painted Vs. Purchased

I gained a few 15mm British infantry for Christmas but haven’t counted how many bases/models that translates into so I’ll do that for January.
Purchased: 0
Refreshed: 9

Painted: 21

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