Saturday, 1 November 2014

Work In Progress......October 2014

As I start a new wargaming year all modelling work this month has surrounded my German troops for my 15mm Flames of War collection.  With quite a number of vehicles airbrushed with the required camo in September I had plenty to choose from, and did a combination of painting models which had never before seen a brush, refreshing older paint jobs (hence the ‘Refreshed’ addition to my ’Purchased’ and ‘Painted’ totals), and building new models.

Firstly to the painting, and I polished off 5 RSO tractors, 1 field car, 4 Brumbarrs, a Stuka, and a command base for my PaK40’s.  I was particularly pleased to finish the Stuka, because it had been a gift from Luke.  I had to build and spray paint it first, and used a magnet (he was pleased with this addition) to connect it to its stand.  I had to order some Vallejo Decal Medium to join my Decal Fix in attaching my decals properly, and it was well worth the cash – melting the decals into the contours of the surface.

The refreshing list now, and with a game against Luke’s Russians upcoming I finally went back to my original StuG G support platoon – long feared by my opponents.  I had based them on a medium base to make these Old Glory models look bigger next to the heroic scale Batttlefront vehicles, and I had never got round to adding the flock to the bases.  I also have them a touch-up job, mending scratches and an Ivory dry brush which brought out the details, and they came out well.  Towards the end of the month my 2 Tiger 1E’s got the same treatment, but with more effort needed to replace their number decals.  I’d never been happy with them and they needed removing, the turret area repainting, and new decals attaching.  Finally the PaK40’s had a small bit of dry brushing and repair.

Lastly the building section, and my Old Glory infantry are really starting to date next to my nice shiny new vehicle paint jobs so I built two new platoons of MG infantry out of a combination of plastic and metal models.  I also put together 2 Panzershreck teams, 2 other command teams (company command perhaps), and the 3 StuG’s from the Open Fire boxed set so I can field StuG’s in late war as well – my Old Glory ones being a nice mid war grey.  Having built them, added sand to the bases and spray painted them brown (the spray paint another purchase) they now await effort with a brush.

Purchased: 0
Refreshed: 7
Painted: 12

In terms of gaming I missed a Thursday for Halloween, and Dennis’ mid war tournament on a Saturday to enter our pumpkin into a contest at the Grosvenor garden centre – we won 3rd prize!  I thoroughly disposed of Mark and his Veer-myn in the opening Dreadball exchange, defeated Red's Steppe horde, lost to Luke in a very entertaining 2,500pt Flames of War eastern front (mid-war) exchange, and my Royalists had an outing against Ian Hedley’s Swedes, where they were soundly beaten primarily due to my poor tactics.  I have the opportunity for revenge in November.

Bio-Titan News: This month he has had out my Flames of War Germans, almost all of them in fact.  My Royalists, and my Romans.

Bio-Titan Work.

Most of the 15mm Germans I've been working on since July.

More Bio-Titan work - the Royalists getting an outing.

Latest models to be finished.

On the production line.

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