Monday, 15 September 2014

Wars Of The Roses - Part 2

Part 1 of my Wars of the Roses label came on the now long past date of the 10th October 2012.  That is quite a while ago, and apart from a battle report and a mention or two of how I was going to think about painting some bowmen in my Work in Progress post they have been scarce mentioned since.  However today is the day, because following another (un-chronicled) battle using Aiden’s lovely Lancastrians and Yorkists I have found the motivation, stirred myself, and painted a whole 37 models!  I then added to this total by building and spray painting my breach loading artillery piece and crew, and 12 mounted men-at-arms. 

This work has left me with 2 units of bowmen, 1 of billmen, and a commander on foot to lead them – all units being 12 strong for foot, and 6 strong for horse.  The painted models have had the army painter Dip used on them, hence why they don’t look too bad and I’ve actually managed to finish them, although I cannot take credit for the commander apart from his base because it’s a model Aidan donated to me, and he came already painted to a better standard than I could aim for.  One fly in the ointmen - I managed to knock the quite flimsy flag pole off the billmen while 'Dipping' them.  I'm not sure whether to try reattaching a sturdier one, or to leave them bereft of flag.  

On the production line are now the 12 horse and artillery piece and crew, and if I get through those a further boxed set of 3 units of foot (the 2 bowmen and 1 billmen arrangement again) awaits construction.  I’ve also to solidify my commanding officers and their mens background, with a man named William Herbert the prime choice and the men destined to support the Yorkist cause.

Pictures came out terribly on reflection, the models actually look better than  that.  Damn.


  1. Excellent, love the commander - he was a free gift with WI I think sometime back in the 90's, along with his lady wife. Can't remember who he's meant to be though. Cheers, Andy

  2. Dammit; the only one I didn't paint myself! He is a very nice model and a good paint job however, I'll have to ask Aidan if he remembers who it is meant to be - using this bunch on Thursday along with his 28mm collection.