Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Work In Progress.......December 2013

Work in progress, yes, right, um.  Well lets just say there hasn’t been any.  I simply haven’t had time nor energy between the combination of early mornings working at Asda, early to beds because I have to get up early in the morning, and the space in between being filled with the words “daddy play with me” (initially very cute, but soon excruciatingly painful when it prevents me doing anything else, including job searching and trying to claw our way back to the surface financially).

As such the most wargaming related activity has been a very enjoyable evening playing Saga in Broughton, and several 6mm ACW bases painted a bit brown (but not a lot brown).  Christmas once more failed to provide any related gifts, apart from a copy of the Hobbit, and a book by Conn Iggulden called Stormbird and based around the Wars of the Roses.  I did receive a small sum of money, but not very much. 

Somewhat of a write-off then, painting/purchased total remains the same at 0-0, hoping January is more fun but not setting any targets because no one period now stands out for me.  Didn't even feel refreshed by the arrival of the new year - back and side pains and a cough that exagerates said pains didn't help.

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