Monday, 27 January 2014

Hail Caesar Battle - Romans Vs Romano-British

I took along my camera to Deeside last Thursday with half a thought of doing an ancients battle report – the games are so rare that merely getting a picture of one is an event in itself!  In the end, however, there wasn’t a huge amount of movement, and a post with plenty of excitingly painted toy soldiers, and a paragraph explaining why, will suffice.  Aidan commanded his Romano-Brits, while I split my Romans between myself and Michael.

My Wwwwomans (led by Biggus Dickus surely) had discovered their two Romano-Brits (time travelling and very confused) enemies were planning to meet on the road to Amarillo to combine their forces.  This obviously would not do and the legionaries and their allsorted foreign assistance were mustered.  The battlefield began to fill with nicely painted miniatures in lovely marching columns, which were spoiled once they spotted each other and began to hurl insults. 

The legionaries, commanded by your truly, stepped off the road, deployed in a wonderfully red formation, dressed the ranks to perfection, and then ruined it all by charging the heavily armoured Romano-British horse.  The horse realised Christmas had come early, while the Roman CO went off to bang his head against the nearest wall, and a snap of the fingers later and the legionaries were mostly gone; the horse carving through them and coming out in the Roman rear (oo-er).  This undid Michael’s good work with the Romans auxiliaries, who had put some of the Romano-British infantry to flight.  Surrender was graceful and without name calling for the most part.  Romano-British victory.

The Battlefield - The Romano-Brits arrived from the top left (cavalry mostly) and the bottom (infantry), the Romans on the right road.

The Romano-British, having grown in size since their last outing - Aidan has been busy painting!

The Legionaries arrive!  Pity they didn't fight as they looked - disciplined, organised, tough.

King Arthur I think, or at least one of his friends.  Nice shield - painted on, not a transfer!

The Romano-Brits wonder if the Romans are feeling generous today.

The Romans are not, and deploy.

Michaels Auxiliaries and scorpions await the enemy just exiting the village.

Romano- Brits. Goats. Pregnant vampires. This village has everything!

The Romans realise their CO is an inbred useless waste of tactical space.

Part of the expansion of the Romano-British army; Gripping Beast un-armoured generic dark age warriors.  There were more with slings elsewhere on the battlefield and they looked the part.

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