Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ricks Great English Civil War Painting Quest - Part 1

With the aim of having all of my Royalists painted for a big ECW bash on the weekend of Gauntlet (6/7th July) I thought I'd take stock, make a list of what needs doing, and how long I've got to get it done.  So firstly the list of the unpainted/unfinished models:

32 x cavalry men (and their nags of course)
40 x Talbots regiment of foote (24 muskets and 16 pike)
28 x Dragoons (16 on foot and 12 on horse)
13 x supply train
9 x command models
6 x pigs & farmer & tavern owner

All in all 128 models.  Crap.  And now 82 days to paint them in.  So thats an average of just over a model and a half a day.  Double crap.  Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea.  Luckily some are already partly painted, and only around 35 are totally without undercoat.  Maybe the revised target should be to finish most of the army!  Plus it doesn't include the two collapsed fortress wall pieces I need for the scenario I was thinking of.  This could be fun.

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