Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Undead Rise Again

Modelling update! With gauntlet not too far away, and aidan requesting my undead come out of semi-retirement for the occasion (and about time too) I've put fifa away and whipped out the glue and a new toy. My zombies have long been in need of a fix up and revamp, with many arms having dropped off, and they've also been rebated in bunches. The dragon was actually in 4 pieces (tail off as well) and after I needed to update the base to a 50 mm by 50 mm it turned to 5 pieces. Previous efforts with superglue had failed to reattach any of his bits, so I turned to the new toy - an electric drill!  It's was my first time pinning a model, and so far appears to have been a complete success, although the large amount of green stuff no doubt helped. The battering ram also needed it's roof reattach ingredients with a bit of bending and green stuff powered superglue. 

Next up I suppose I'll have to paint something :-(. 

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