Thursday, 19 November 2015

Work Not In Progress 2015

No, I've not fallen off the world, dropped off the deep end, or even taken a swim with the fishes.  There just hasn't been any progress since June.  I've ended up with too little time and energy to do anything, and the enthusiasm for making, painting and playing just hasn't been there for a few months so its all on the back burner waiting for the nearly 9 month old to be less demanding (and sleep!), and for the work situation to maybe not involve getting up at 5am in the morning.  It'll be back, I have managed to play a few FOW games, and update my FOW blog to round off the Market Garden campaign (it all turned out historical - Germans won, just, Allies mucked it up with a dodgy plan).

End of year stats for painting:
Purchased/gained: 154
Refreshed: 10
Painted: 66

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