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Dreadball Season 2014-15: Month 1 - Introductions & Rules

Hello loyal readers, Dreadball fans, and of course supporters of the greatest team to play the game and champions in waiting; The Carbis Bay Buccaneers!  The blue-clad seafarers hope that this will be the start of a defining season for them when they step out onto the court in their first fixture against old adversaries; The Plague Bearers, on Thursday.  Having finished 2nd and 3rd in the 2013 and 2014 one day tournaments this is the big time and the opportunity to shine.   

This is the first of hopefully a number of monthly reports on the Deeside Defenders Dreadball League, season 2014-15.  In this preview edition I will settle for providing a copy of the rules for the impending tournament, the list of participants, and the first round fixtures.  It is worth noting the following basic rules;
Each fixture consists of a Home and an Away match between the two teams.
Teams gain 3pts for a wipe-out victory, 2 for a victory, and 1 for a draw or a defeat.

The Participants (to be updated when I gain the team names):
Andy – Hollywood Allstars (Corporation)
Adrian – (The Nameless)
Dafydd – (Corporation)
James – 'Deff to Humanz' (Marauders)
Paddy – (Corporation)
Ian Shaw – Skaven Foundation (Veer-myn)
Pete – (Judwan)
Simon Harris – (Forge Fathers)
Tom Morris – (Robots)
Dave McClumpa – (Corporation)
Mark - Plague Bearers (Veer-myn)
Rick – Carbis Bay Bucaneers (Corporation)

Round 1 Fixtures:
Carbis Bay Buccaneers Vs. Plague Bearers
Adrian Vs. Andy
Paddy Vs. Skaven Foundation
Simon Harris Vs. Tom Morris
Dave Vs. Pete
Dafydd Vs. James

Dreadball League – Season 2014-15

·         Each player will be seeded according to their result in the last day long tournament.
·         Any player who did not play in the tournament will be seeded below the tournament players.
·         The player list will be divided into two tiers. Both sets of players will play every other player in their tier.
·         Each month a player will play both a home and away game against one other player.
·         Deciding who is the first player to play as the home player will be determined by a die roll.
·         At the end of each month the player in the top tier with the lowest score will drop into the lower tier.
·         At the end of each month the player in the bottom tier with the highest score will move into the top tier.
·         Each monthly draw will take place after all games have been played.
·         Players will not normally play against a single opponent more than once.
·         In the case that a player drops out of the league, then other players will be asked to play the team.
·         No matter what they score "dummy" teams will be considered to be at the bottom of their tier.
·         When all games have been completed the knock out stages will take place.
·         In each tier the top four players will play randomly drawn semi finals, (Home and away matches).
·         In each tier, the semi final winners will play a final (both home and away) to determine the winner.

Selection of teams
·         Teams can be chosen from any of the official Dreadball books.
·         There will be no MVPs or Giants used in the league.
·         Cheerleaders will be allowed but not additional coaches.
·         Teams must comply with the list as published in the rules.
·         Additional items or players can only be purchased following each pair of games.
·         Note. If your team starts with no coaching dice you can purchase these as the league progresses.
·         If your team list has no cards, you cannot draw cards to use on players until you purchase cards later.

Team rating
·         Your team rating is the total of all of your assets.
·          Each players basic value plus 5mc per rank gained
·          Dreadball cards at 10mc each
·          Coaching dice at 6mc each
·          Each cheerleader at 8mc each
·         Any unspent credits

o   If your team rating is lower than that of your opponent you are awarded MC to equalise your teams.
o   Extra MC can only be spent on extra cards at 10mc each, coaching dice at 6mc each or free agent players    any of these purchases can only be used for one of your pair of game. Team ratings may change between games. Treat each game as an individual event.
o   In order to simplify the process for players who only have one set of figures. New team members and free    agents must be of the same race as your team.

Scoring each game
o   Each game in your pair of games must be scored separately. Do not add the scores together.
o   Each landslide win will score 3 points.
o   Each win will score 2 points.
o   Each draw will score 1 point. A draw may be possible where both teams have only guards available to play.
o   Each loss will score 1 point.

At the end of each game
o   The match should be scored,(landslide 3pts, win 2pts, draw/lose 1pt).
o   The team with the highest number of cheers randomly awards a team member "Man of the match".  If teams have the same number of cheers, both sides give this award.
o   One point is awarded to a team member for each of the following:   Scoring a 3 or 4 point strike, injuring a player for 3 turns, killing an opponent, man of the match.
o   Each player starts as a level 1 player. A player must have 2 points in order to roll for first advancement, then they would need a further 3 for the next advancement, a 4 for the next. Etc.
o   Note free agents never get awarded advancement points and cannot be retained for new games.
o   Players entitled to roll for new abilities, should do so at the end of ANY match. Note this may effect your team rating between your pair of matches.
o   Players who are deemed killed may be fixed up if you can pay the hospital fees which are his basic cost plus   the roll of a dice in MC. Or you can sell his body parts and be credited with 5MC.

Team revenue
o   After each match you will be awarded prize money which can be spent between games.
o   Your revenue will be the value of any dead players body parts you have sold. (5mc each) plus roll 1 dice  according to game result. (Landslide 3, win 2, lose/draw1), plus 1 dice for each full 10 points team ranking   difference before the start of the game if you were the  lowest ranking player. The total rolled plus sold body   parts is the amount of  your revenue for the game.
o   If you intend spending any of your revenue you must do so at the end of the game. Credits cannot be spent at any other time.

Other rules
·         Anything not outlined above will be found in rule books 1-3.
·         If you cannot find the answer in the rule book and you cannot resolve the issue by applying  common sense or a simple die roll then blame the organiser, who in turn will blame Ian Shaw  because I can.

Dreadball 2014-15 Match Rules

Pre match sequence.
·        Roll a dice or argue over who will be the home team in the first match.
·        Complete the top section of the score sheet. (One player front, one player back)
·        The player with the lowest team rating is awarded MC to spend for this match only in order to balance the team ratings. Purchases are limited to coaching dice @ 6MC, cards @ 10MC or free agents at cost. Free agents must be of the same race. Unspent MC is lost and purchases cannot be carried over from match 1 to match 2 as team ratings may be different for the second match.

During the game.
·        Do not forget to draw and keep your cheers for the end of game sequence.
·        Do not forget to record individual players points scored.
·        One player advancement point is awarded as follows: Scoring a 3 or 4 point strike. Injuring a player for 3 turns. Killing an opponent. Award for man of the match.

Post match sequence.
·        Record the game results. 3 points for a landslide victory. 2 points for a win. 1 point for a win or draw.
·        Income: Roll one D6 for each of the following which applies to you: If you won a landslide victory roll 3. If you won roll 2. If you drew or lost roll 1. If you had the lowest team rating prior to the start of this match then roll 1D6 for each full 10 points difference.
·        Add 5MC for any of your dead players body parts which you sell.
·        Expenditure: Purchase of any new players, cheerleaders, dice or coaches.
·        Man of the match, (1 player advancement point) is awarded to a random player from the side with the most cheers. In the case of a draw both players may randomly draw a man of the match.
·        Player improvements. Players who have advancement points may be able to advance. Each player can only take one advancement after each match. Advancements can be awarded as follows: The first when the player has 2points, the second on 5points and the third on 9 points.
·        Players must declare which advancement chart they are using prior to rolling. (Charts are on the back of this sheet).
·        Do not forget to update your team list.
·        Do not forget that each advancement  player is awarded increases his value by 5MC. his will increase your team value.

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