Saturday, 9 August 2014

Historical Wanderings - Stokesay Castle

I don't seem to get round to 'blogging' very often at the moment, I blame early starts at work for bringing early bedtimes and general tiredness throughout the day.  One thing I get to do even less however is visit historic properties nowadays, so today with an unusual occasion.  The bio-titan has a passing interest (only time will tell if its superficial), while SWMBO has none whatsoever, and sadly the titan generally follows her lead.  But he is interested in knights and castles, and so I drove them the not inconsiderable 55 mile distance to Stokesay Castle in Shropshire for an English Heritage 'Fighting Knights' event.

Having overseen such things in the past at Beeston Castle I knew the title could suggest more than it was, and as I expected there were just the two knights and a herald.  However these worthies are connected with the Wars of the Roses Federation; a watchword for quality, and they didn't disappoint.  The bio-titan sat and absorbed it all, even cheering and clapping, although he drew the line at joining in the children's sword fighting until it was too late, which was a pity because it was very well done - the 3 blokes running it really knew their stuff and their audience.

Unfortunately the good grace (he was tired after waking up too early) didn't last to exploring the Castle properly and we only managed to go up and down the stone tower (not the oldest part of the building interestingly).  Perhaps in another 6-7 years (the length of the previous visit gap) I'll get too see more of a site which, despite its small size, is fascinating.

Gatehouse and bio-titan.

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  1. A good day. I can relate to the tiredness, having 3 carpet grubs. Stokesay is still my favourite castle.