Monday, 5 May 2014

Work In Progress.......April 2014

Not a tremendous amount of modelling or painting going on still, although a game in early May has galvanize me into putting some paint onto my 28mm French Napoleonic troops, more about that next month or sooner.  I did work on my 15mm Flames of War late war British armoured company however, making the 6 Sherman V’s and 2 Fireflies that come with the Open Fire boxed set, as well as the American para platoon so that I now have a late war company of around 800 points in desperate need of paint.  One Sherman V has a fair bit of paint on it, the other Shermans and a trial base of paras has been air brushed in a red-brown foundation colour.

In gaming the Saga tournament went well, with 8 participants and victory only being torn from the hands of my Welsh by the beard on Michael’s chin – literally! The Flames of War Africa campaign has begun, and I kicked off with a very entertaining complete annihilation by Red’s Grants.  I didn’t think beyond the possibility of Crusaders turning up and it all went horribly wrong!  Finally I dropped round Aidan’s for an enjoyable day of using his Napoleonic collection.

Stats are still the same, but they will change once I get my varnish into play, or make it as far as Triples in Sheffield.

Purchased: 0

Painted: 36

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