Monday, 7 April 2014

Work In Progress.....March 2014

Unsurprisingly after a good month comes a fairly bad one.  I have had one success though in that I managed to varnish my American Civil War union troops (all 30 bases), and they were so ready that I managed to get them on a gaming table!  This makes my purchased/painted total look lovely.  I also got tinkered with all of my Saga Welsh models by adding some extra green flock to their bases, which I have covered in the irrepresable post – The Welsh Get Grass.

In terms of gaming the Race To The Rhine Flames of War campaign finished, with me drawing with Phil, and the Allies winning by an (unsurprising) landslide.  The next campaign is being run by Phil, and is mid war and based in Africa, waiting with baited breath to see how it turns out.  My Royalists also got an outing, along with most of my scenery as they tried in vain to defend the Queens Baggage (see post) against Luke and Red.

Things to look forward to this month are the Flames of War British company which I’m working on – I’ve only Shermans so far but I’ve even gone as far as buying paint!  A small Saga tournament I’m organising on the 17th, and perhaps the start of this Africa campaign.

Purchased: 0

Painted: 36

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