Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Saga - The Welsh Get Some Grass

Normally I don’t go back to a model after its finished, unless something happens to it like chipping or breakage etc.  But in the case of my Welsh for Saga I just wasn’t happy with their bases, and the feeling gradually grew.  I originally gave them a medium brown base with a lighter drybrush, and added some flowers and rocks with some odd idea that they liked raiding and would probably be up a mountain somewhere. 

In hindsight the flowers looked lonely, and the whole model was affected by the bases’ blandness and lack of colour, so having flocked a few different models with a nice bright green recently I decided to do the same to the Welsh.  Overall I’m liking it, although the pictures are shocking so its not obvious.  It’s also nice to do a few pictures of the whole 6 point lot, because I haven’t since I added the 8 warriors on horseback (Wargames Factory Ancient Germanic figures, and they suit it!) and 4 more hearthguard.  I do have a box of gripping beast generic un-armoured dark age warriors in the garage, and 4 more horsemen, but neither have made it as far as being added since they were purchased back in May 2013.

Finally I have also been frustrated with the way the metal spears/javelins bend so easily, so I’ve tried replacing it with a proper steel rod one from Front Rank.  Its gone ok, no pictures yet.

The levy and warriors trying to demonstrate the difference between grass and no grass.

Ditto, but more obvious.

Massed grassing.

The whole lot in formation - 2 points of warriors on foot, 1 of warriors on horse, 2 of hearthguard, 1 of levy, and one warlord.

Germanic horsemen turned welsh - pleased with that piece of work.



More warriors.


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