Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Work In Progress......November 2013

Work in progress is a bit of a none-entity this time round.  I managed to find employment far more swiftly than at the beginning of the year, but at the expense of my evenings and my sole free modelling and gaming time.  Said work is with Asda, picking online orders between the unpleasantly early time of 6am and 11am which has meant needing to sleep from 9pm onwards, and because I work every Friday I’m currently not gaming on a Thursday.  It has a major side benefit that I am free to spend most of each day with family however.  It is permanent, but seasonal, so I expect to be dropped from the rota in the new year which is fine, and fortunately the people there are lovely.

Onto modelling and the only bit I have managed earlier in the month is the painting of a number of American Civil War 6mm troops, namely an infantry regiment, a cavalry regiment,  4 artillery pieces, dismounted cavalry and skirmishing infantry, and most importantly 3 command bases to lead them.  They are painted and stuck to their MDF bases, but I haven’t got round to painting and flocking the actual MDF bit, so they are stored away waiting for that day.  I’ve taken a few pictures to brighten the day anyway.


I have managed one significant game this month; fighting Red’s British armour to a draw in my Flames of War campaign game.  The campaign continues with round 2 due to end after the 19th of December.

Current Reading

Most definitely the Stryker books by Michael Arnold.  I’ve read 3 of the first 4 so far, and I’ve moved onto the 4th today; Assassin’s Reign.  Billed at the ‘Sharpe of the English Civil War’ it does have similarities in the writing and the way it moves along at pace, but I feel it gives even more period feel and detail than Sharpe, and is certainly good enough to read cover to cover. 

Painted Vs. Purchased

Not bought anything.  Not painted anything.  So a 0-0 still then!

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