Sunday, 2 June 2013

Work In Progress.....May 2013

Its been a busy month for painting horses, and for buying models with the Triples show seeing a trip out to pay plenty of cash for a variety of bits including plenty of American Civil War Union troops and a lot of modelling bits for various projects.  I didn’t manage to secure a few bits I wanted so I’m waiting on an order from Redoubt Enterprises for those (which sadly takes around 1 month to come, but that ‘should’ be in time for Gauntlet).  I also ordered a copy of Dreadball having been impressed when playing the game at the RGMB again the Dutch wizard.  My Saga forces also had plenty spent on them, most of which remains unmade with a late burst of modelling enabling me to make the 4 hearthguard and the horses for the mounted warriors, as well the petard assault team from Warlord (supplemented by spare renegade models to make up a storming party for my Royalists).

Painted Vs. Purchased: I did some tallying for the Painted Vs. Purchased figures, and almost fell off my chair.  Thanks to my expenditure at York and Sheffield I have now purchased a grand total of 441 models since October!!  My work painting 40 model (all English Civil War with 32 horsemen, 1 horse mounted officer, and a diaroma with 7 different figures all being completed) has been severely diluted by this, although there are mitigating circumstances.  Firstly my purchases of American Civil War troops in 6mm accounts for around 150 of these models, at a cost of about £55.  Being 6mm they have been counted as one strip of 4 figures = 1 model, so once I start painting them they should rack up fairly quickly.  Secondly to purchase anything I have sold, primarily my old Games Workshop collection.  The most recent to go onto eBay was my warhammer Bretonnians, who funded the entire trip to Sheffield, and numbered 206 models.  Whether I should take these away from the ‘purchased’ column I’m not quite sure, probably not.

This is actually part of an interesting swing in my collection/gaming interests from the fantasy/sci-fi games I used to play (40k, Warhammer etc) to my current wish to play historical wargames.  I always wanted to do so, but earlier in life it wasn’t easy to find someone with a similar interest and I turned to Games Workshop as another option.  Now I’m very much turning back with a wide variety of periods and scales. 

Painted: 205
Purchased:  441

This months task: Its almost all Royalists in the run up to the game at Gauntlet.  I’ve two units of dragoons which top the list (19 on foot and 12 on horse), followed by a supply wagon, cannon limber, storming party (11 models) and a castle gatehouse.  I’ve also got 4 Welsh hearthguard for my Saga warband, and some goats on the painting table to provide a distraction.  It’s a fair amount, and, very critical of the possibility of finishing the lot, I’m prioritising the dragoons on foot and the gatehouse as essential, followed by the wagon and limber and the dragoons on horse.

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