Sunday, 3 January 2010

Can a leopard change its spots?

1999: the year the Euro came into circulation, the world population reached the magic 6 billion mark, Oliver Reed passes into immortality, and SpongeBob SquarePants made its TV debut. It is also approximately the time when I last attempted to paint something which wasn’t based around dark grey, dark green or dark brown.

Ok, I may have had a couple of unsuccessful shots, but look at the evidence - my Imperial Guard copied the early German camouflage of grey, my FOW Germans copied the even earlier German camouflage of grey, and my Bretonnian’s were re-splendour in their dull silver armour and dark green horses (what was I thinking!), while my Skaven followed their roots. Even my Royalists have gone for conservative colouring, no bright feathers anywhere! This stemmed from my inability to paint any lighter colours - reds, yellows and whites never seemed to work and left the model looking drab and extremely messy.

However, with my German army needing to look a bit more the part in mid-late war, and a surge of in interest in Frenchmen (that came out wrong….) I have picked up a brush and some colours and given it another shot. Pictures below of said interesting Frenchman and his German half-track.

Opinions? Derision? Complaints about the lack of Leopards in the article? Make a comment.

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