Monday, 30 November 2009

Caen - Day 2 Pictures

The Brits advance towards the German infantry in their trenches.

British artillery covering the Commando's advance through the cornfields.

British attack struggles in the centre under fire from the Tigers.
The Brits armoured casualties mount in front of the trenches.

Armoured infantry follows up the initial attack.

The Brits left flank overruns the trenches and turns inwards to flank the outnumbered pioneers.

The British armour on the right trades fire with the Panzer IV's.

Wittmann assists the StuG's in breaking the moral of the 7th Armoured and driving them from the field.

The 102nd SS swarms forward to reclaim the objective from the Commando's.

A tribute to British naval firepower - one of four burning Tigers (the others attributed to artillery and Sherman Firefly fire).

The Panzer IV's retake the trenches for the Germans as the Brits are forced from the field.

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